Jan Lucas Photography | About
Photographer Jan Lucas grew up in southeast Portland, Oregon, and now lives in Corbett, Oregon. She acquired a BA in Psychology and an MS in Philosophy from NY universities. She was never formally educated in photography, but has always loved and appreciated it. There is a famous quote by 19th century astronomer Maria Mitchell which has inspired her for decades: “The more we see, the more we are capable of seeing.” Jan wants to invite others to see from new perspectives.

Jan got her first digital camera in 2004 when she went to Amsterdam for a few weeks. She shot hundreds of photos and, in so doing, really started to develop her eye as a photographer. She had her first showing in Amsterdam, but it is really since then that she became capable of seeing so much more. Jan also developed her career as a photographer, had shows and has produced calendars. They have been called “Uniquely Oregon Calendar.”